Indie Cage Match

RuBin’s competing in Indie CageMatch at the Beast this Sunday!

This month at UCB East is Two Prov Month for Indie Cage Match & we’ve been fortunate to be picked for the competition! That said, we need your help!

This Sunday, we’re up against 3 other awesome duos:

- The Andrews Sisters (Andrew Cornelius & Andrew Fafoutakis)
- Just One! (Nichole Yannetti & Kim Ramirez)
- Stij e Mendij (Andy Bustillos & Nick Mendillo)

Each team will have 10-12 minutes to do their thing. You, the audience member decides which duo moves on to the best of 4 on Sept. 2nd where the team will be picked by audience and a panel vote. And we need your support & love!

Reserve your tickets here:
We love you!